Welcome, we specialize in Life Coaching.  Our Certified Coaches have been trainined to help each client tap into their fullest potential.  We have a variety of packages that fit your needs and budget.  


Within the first session, you will have a plan of action to carry you to your first goal of living a more complete balance, healthy and prosperous life.

Choose the plan below that's right for you!

Leadership, Personal Development, Career, and  Business Coaching

18yrs & up 

15yrs to 17yrs basic coaching also available

Christian Life, Relationship, and Life Management Coaching (Indiv. or Family)

(Ages 18 & up)

15yrs to 17yrs basic coaching also available.

Physical Fitness/Health, Mental health, and Trauma Coaching

Body, Soul & Spirit

18yrs and older

15yrs to 17yrs basic coaching also available.


Since speaking with Dr. K, i have noticed a huge change in how I approach life.  I am very excited to continue my sessions and see how my life continues to improve.  Thanks  - E. Wallace

Dr. K is amazing at listening! He always tries to give me an aswer that is best for my business even when I don't agree. lol  I thank him for being their to save my business when I was about to close it down. - P. L. Mincey


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